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Friday, November 24th, 2023 2:24 AM

Update message received and one sensor not working

This happens every time I am away and can’t complete update. Can you do it for me manually?



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7 months ago

@wlang40486 my daughter's inlaws have a similar issue like this.  SS, this has been requested before, any updated status?

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7 months ago

Hi @wlang40486 ,

Firmware updates require user input because during the process, the system does become inoperable for a short time. So we want to make sure that it only happens when you're available and aware. That being said, firmware update using the SimpliSafe app is actively in development!

On a separate note, you also mention that one of your sensors is not working? Unfortunately we're even more limited in troubleshooting if you're not on site, but if you give us a bit more detail, we can provide some steps to consider for when you're there.

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