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Wednesday, January 15th, 2020 5:35 PM

Question about replacement 3M tape

Hi everyone.

We are moving (yet again) and I am looking to purchase some new 3M tape strips so I can reinstall all of my sensors at the new property. When we moved a few months ago I just purchased a large number of the medium sized 3M strips and used those on everything by trimming them down with a craft knife (like on the entry sensors and magnets). However, I am wondering if there is a better way?

For example, as I look at the motion sensor/glass break sensor bracket it looks like the standard small 3M strips will work just fine, can anyone confirm? In the past I have used the "Made for Iris" velcro style strips, but they have been discontinued. However, looking at the entry sensors it looks like I will continue to cut down the medium strips so they fit the indentation on the mounting plate, and then using the excess to hold the magnets in place.

It is definitely not as clean of a solution as I would like, but once everything is installed you can't tell the difference. I was just wondering if anyone else has any other/better solution.



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4 years ago

@Andy T. good to hear from you.  The small 3M strips will work fine on the glass break and motion sensors, large on the siren and keypads. On the entry, you have to cut even the small ones.  Have a safe and problem free move!

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Hey Cap, good to see ya!

Thanks for the heads up! I'll get those ordered and ready to go. Thanks for the well wishes!
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