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Saturday, November 4th, 2023 2:17 PM

Problem getting updates

I noticed that my mom's Simplisafe got a notice for an update the other day and that it showed a newer version of the firmware than what I saw on the app for my system.  So when I got home I tried to do an update.  But I get one of two messages.  Either it tells me it's unable to check for updates or it says it's downloading the update and it'll take about 25 minutes, but it never happens.

I've attached some photos to show it's connected to WiFi and getting to the internet.  There is no firewall or other device in the way.  

I also noticed that the keypad and the base station are on different versions and have no idea how that happened but my understanding is they should always be on the same version.

Anyone got any ideas on what to do here?

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8 months ago

@autigers1970 Call SS support, authenticate and then describe the issue and ask for an update to be forced.  They can do it and ask for a callback in x hours to make sure it applies.

Please post your outcome here if you get a chance.

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8 months ago

So they didn't "force" an update per se.  They had me disconnect the power from the base station and remove the batteries for a minute, then reconnect and try the update while they monitored it on their end and the update finally came through.  I'm now on version 2.14.2 on the base station.

Thanks for the advice!


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@autigers1970​, thanks for posting this!  I was having the same issue and followed the directions that SimpliSafe Support gave you, and that apparently solved my problem (without involving a call to Support).

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7 months ago

I just installed a new system (still in setup/testing mode) and I was having the same problem; followed the procedure you listed and it resolved my problem, too.  THANKS MUCH FOR POSTING THE PROCEDURE.

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I am trying to resolve the same problem  but can’t seem to get the base unscrewed to change a battery      Then I was dropped by the help desk      Not a good day! 

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