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Sunday, August 2nd, 2020 3:49 AM

no link to dispatch

I got home and it read "no link to dispatch". I have been on hold for 37 minutes on two phones and have emailed twice. Is anyone available to help?

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4 years ago

Two phone? Got in line behind yourself? ;)

What version system is it?

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11 months ago

Random alerts for NO LINK TO DISPATCH! Could be 2am, 5pm or whatever. No procedures from SimpliSafe help. I've unplugged and removed 1 battery a dozen times from the base station. Very aggravating. Is this an upsell tactic? Also while texting with SimpliSafe, my system sets itself to HOME and the reps are clurless!

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@rocky4321​ If you are not subscribed to a monitoring plan, but your system is still connected to the app, the "No Link To Dispatch" message means that your Base Station is not connected to your WiFi. This warning will only appear when your system is disarmed. To resolve this issue, I would recommend moving your Base Station closer to your WiFi router to help it reestablish its connection faster. 

Regarding your system setting itself into Home Mode, was your system already armed in this setting? We have seen similar cases of the system restating its armed state in the timeline. When this happens, it is because the Base Station is sending an update and announcing its current armed status. Our engineers are aware that sometimes this status update is shown in the timeline, and are working to resolve this in a future firmware update.

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I have the same "no link to dispatch" problem. It can happen any time, day or night. It can happen armed or not armed. I have taken batteries out many, many times. The base station is a few feet from the router. No other device has any issue with internet connection. Maddening!

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@Whiskers​ If you do not have a paid monitoring subscription and you continuously get a "No Link to Dispatcher" warning, the Base Station may be having trouble maintaining its Wi-Fi connection.

I would recommend placing the Base Station 5-10 feet away from the Wi-Fi router to see if that helps its connection. It may also help to look at the material the Base Station is on, we recommend placing it on a non-dense surface like - wood or glass - and ensure that's at least 3 feet off the ground.  

If you continue to see this error, I would reach out to our Support team for further assistance. 

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