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Monday, September 18th, 2023 7:40 PM

No Link to Dispatch with new Cellular Module

@davey_d​ Received a newer Cellular module (built 3 years ago according to label on part), installed it, and still have the same problem.  Actually, I'm getting freaking annoyed that SimpliSafe can't cure this issue.  I found out today that there is a multi-band Verizon Cell tower less that 800 feet from our home (located at the top of Elinvar Drive next to the Chino Hills State Park).  WTF do I have to do to cure this problem?  I repeatedly get no resolve talking to Philippinas with roosters crowing in the background.   Why can't SimpliSafe build a compatible booster?  Please do something.

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9 months ago

Hi @limina ,

If there's a cell tower very close to your home, then this probably isn't a reception issue - unless you happen to live in a brick or adobe house with very few windows. Have we already suggested moving your Base Station closer to (but not directly in front of) a window, so it has a better time catching the cell signal from the tower outside?

It's also worth noting that if you have your Base Station connected to WiFi, then you shouldn't be seeing the "No Link to Dispatch" warning either, since it would be using that connection instead. But it's important to get the backup cell service online in case WiFi ever goes down.

Barring reception as an issue, the next possibilities I can think of are that the cell module may not be connected to your Base Station correctly (the plug might be a bit loose, or the wiring might be damaged?) or the module has failed to properly activate.

I'm going to request a call from a senior agent who can hopefully get this sorted out for you.

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