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Wednesday, January 26th, 2022 7:57 PM

Is there a way to tell everything to resync?

So my Simplisafe system (bought it about 18mos ago) has been mostly working fine.    I use it for a vacation home which we visit a few days each month.    Last week, the smoke detector lost contact to the base station.  Then about a day later, came back online.   This morning, before my wife left the vacation house, one of the exterior door sensors was offline and so it wouldn't let her turn on the alarm.   Then a few hours later, one of the interior door sensors went offline.   Then an hour later, it came back online.   Then a couple hours later, the exterior door sensor that was offline this morning came back online.   I then decided to go into the app and turn on the alarm.    However, I then saw that the keypad was offline.   That was a new one.

As I said, haven't really had issues in general until recently.   I'm not at the home now, so I can't just go and force things to wake up.   Just wondering if there's the equivalent of "reboot it" available somehow or some way to send out a resync command to all of the devices to get them going again.  

Of course, any suggestions on what might be causing this would be great too.   I can't really see a way to check battery levels on everything, so if there's a way to do that, that would be great too.

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2 years ago

Hi morganm00,


The way that the link between the Sensors and the Base Station (the brain of the system) works is that for as long as the Base Station has the sensor on its list, it will always be open to receive signals from it. So there's never any need to 'resync' devices.


But what could be happening is that a source of interference is preventing the signal from some of your sensors to reach the Base Station.


Interference can be caused by physical obstructions, like dense walls or heavy appliances, that are directly in the way. So you want to think about what objects are literally in between, and maybe move them, or the components, so they can have less of an effect.

If you have multiple components having trouble, especially if they're in totally different places, then it's very likely that it's the position of the Base Station itself that you want to troubleshoot. For example, if the Base Station is kept inside a closet, or placed on top of one of those wire shelves, that could be it.


The other major kind of interference is from other wireless devices. Since the system uses a low frequency to communicate, you'll want to think about simpler devices, especially if you've added anything new to your home. Think like, remote controlled garage door openers, wireless weather stations, old style baby monitors, anything like that.


One more thing - just so you know, if a sensor was marked as open, you can still arm the system. You'll get a warning, but the countdown will still complete. This is an intended feature, so if you wanted to, for example, leave a window open in the summer, you could.

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