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Thursday, March 19th, 2020 12:57 AM

Equipment Dependability

Equipment Quality/Dependability
I recently installed a new camera for the third time having previously replaced two defective cameras. I am also awaiting a glass break detector to replace the new defective one I received last week. What is going on? Equipment quality/dependability seems to be a low priority here.

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4 years ago

I've had 2 large systems, 50ish sensors.  1st SS2 and now SS3.  The only failure I've had was 1 of 3 cameras died after a couple years, but it was the original Beta Test camera that I took part in and was replaced under warranty.  Either I have good luck or you have bad luck.  The 3 year warranty tells me they have at least some faith in their products.

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4 years ago

The only thing I had fail on my SS2 system was a CO sensor

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4 years ago

I had the Master Keychain Remote and Keypad give me significant issues (SS2). It was just before I purchased SS3. To SimpliSafe's credit, they tried their best to find why I suddenly had so many problems, and the best guess was frequency issues from a neighbor (they installed something new around the same time). They promptly shipped out new components for both, and it immediately resolved.

That is the thing you can count on; the company will replace the sensors and components after troubleshooting without hassle. It was very reassuring.

SS3 has been stable, and the SS2 system I gave away has not had a single glitch. I do suspect, at times, some equipment will produce a bad batch (e.g., customers will report the same thing at the same time), but it is scarce.
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