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Wednesday, May 31st, 2023 9:37 PM


I want to know what is this ESP_30E0CC connected in my internet router, please help 🙏



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1 year ago

@ocampo_edman Here is a past response from Davey, SS moderator:


@QuarkENess ,

Heard back from our devs. So as I mentioned, your Base Station should be showing up as "SimpliSafe" on your router's list, but that might not happen for all routers. The "ESP_" label does indeed refer to the espressif WiFi chip that the Base Station uses.

But if you're concerned, you can double-check that the correct MAC address matches what's listed on your router. On the Keypad Menu, navigate to System Settings > Diagnostics > WiFi, and you'll see the Base Station's MAC there.

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1 year ago

Hi @ocampo_edman, 

Captain11 is correct! The Base Station does have an Espressif WiFi chip inside of it as part of its wireless setup, which can cause this ESP network to pop up. This is nothing to worry about, though! When the Base Station temporarily loses its WiFi connection, this new SSID is briefly created to help with its connection. When the Base Station regains connection to your WiFi network, the ESP SSID will disappear. 

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