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Saturday, September 9th, 2023 1:04 PM

Code for turning off in app?

Is there anyway to have the SS app ask for the alarm code when turning it off in the app?  I don’t see anyway to do that and it seems like a security hole. 

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10 months ago

Hi @jyiesla ,

If course, you should already be using at least a PIN, or better yet biometrics, to secure access to your phone. But if you'd like to add another layer of security to the SimpliSafe app as well, you can enable App Lock. You can find the option under ☰ Menu > Manage Account > Configure App Lock.

App Lock requires a PIN every time you open the SimpliSafe app. But you'll still be able to receive Push Notifications.

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this still bothers me. I agree and I have secured my phone. However, the duress pin on the keypad exists for a reason. Should someone force me to open my app and disable the alarm, there is no point where I could use the duress pin. Yes, I realize that this may be an unlikely scenario, but still I think if you need a pin to deactivate it on the keypad you should also in the app. 

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2 months ago

App lock is not the answer.  Entering your alarm code (or duress) is. 

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