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Thursday, July 22nd, 2021 3:42 PM

Check Internet Connection?

I just bought a new SimpliSafe system and am attempting to set it up. I have the 1080p camera up and running with the app without a problem. However, whenever I try to connect the base station, I make it all the way to the "payment' section of the process before it just says "check internet connection.' There's no way to move forward, and my internet works fine with everything else. I have the base station/keypad connected to the same WiFi without a problem, it just won't let me set up everything in the app, which means I can't actually use the system or monitor anything. Any ideas?



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3 years ago

@kiyalareewilson if I got your post correct your base and keypad show connected. Okay, we work from that.   Suggest the following:

Log into your account and dashboard at www.simplisafe.com   From there, click on the monitoring menu item on the left and sign up from there.  All should go fine from there.

If not, you will have to call support. If you have an Android phone, Pixel especially, use the new Google Assistant Hold feature. Works great for the long waits that customers are currently experiencing.

Please post your outcome here.

Oh, btw, regardless of monitoroing, make sure you do a manual test signal from the keypad to make sure your internet connection is indeed working.
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