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Friday, January 3rd, 2020 3:44 PM

Base station won't connect

So frustrated...I can't access anything on my account because when I enter the PIN (never required before, only in the last 24 hrs) on my phone, it says "we're having trouble connecting to your base station." And of course it's a 45 minute wait when I try and contact customer support.

It's definitely a SS issue, as every other connected device in my house is working perfectly, and I haven't had any wireless service interruptions. And I can't even manage any of the devices or settings because it won't even let me enter the PIN.

Sent 3 emails to customer support but of course no reply.

Should I just switch to another provider?



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4 years ago

Do you have SS2 or SS3?

If SS2, you may need a new cellular module - for example, if you have a tmobile or vodaphone module in the base station, you might actually have better coverage with a Verizon module, so call SS to troubleshoot if this is the issue, and if so, request the Verizon module.  Also, depending on your phone carrier and the 3 G shutdowns, you may need SS's new cellular module that is compatible with LTE - you have to call to request it (because they aren't just automatically sending them out) - make sure you request that it is activated.

If you have SS3, chances are, you may need a different cellular module (SS3 versions are already compatible with LTE).  Again, if you have a tmobile module in your base station, a verizon module could very well fix the issue, as long as there aren't any other problems that may need troubleshooting with SS.

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4 years ago

Has anyone seen and actual resolution to this?  I still have this issue and nothing has fixed it...



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4 years ago

@azjumbo the vast majority of customers have no issue with the base connecting to dispatch. Do you have SS3? Where is your base located?  Off the floor? Near any electric devices? What SiM do you have? What has SS support said about it?

I have Verizon, SS3 and no issues.
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