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Saturday, July 10th, 2021 12:20 AM

Base station is red.

Base station is showing red. Why? Don't know how to reset system. Had water alarm several hours ago, but removed from wet area and dried off sensor.

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2 years ago

Hi evanpearl,

Yep, the red light just means there was a recent alarm. Once you clear the warning on the Keypad (hit the [!] on the right of the screen), that red light should disappear.

Arming or disarming should clear it too!




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2 years ago

@evanpearl Use the link below to read an article from the Help Center.  It's pretty good and has a nice search feature.  You need to clear the message from your keypad. Post your results here if you get a chance or have more questions.


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8 months ago

Why is my base station orangish red

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