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Monday, December 30th, 2019 6:43 PM


Verbal announcement when doors are open

I just installed my system and still trying to get used to all features. However, I just realized that the home base would not verbally announce which door is open but just a short beep.

This might be a deal-breaker for me as it's impossible to hear anything when the room is not quite or if I'm in another room. One of the main reasons for getting this system is to be clearly notified whenever someone opens a door so everyone feels safer at home (especially a multi-floor home) however this system is obviously lacking this feature. Will this be updated anytime soon?

Thank you.

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can the base station announce which alarm is triggered?

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4 years ago

This request has been around for years but you see how it is.

Best you can do is set the sensors to Alert Only and get SMS notification. The base will not announce but your cell phone will.

But, you need the interactive monitoring plan,  and setting sensor to Alert Only gives the SMS notice (even in Off mode) but set that way the sensor will never trigger an actual alarm.

You could put two sensors on important doors but most rather would not.

Aside from those things, your only other option is return if you can't be without door announcement. I strongly urge NOT holding your breath while waiting for it.

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4 years ago

You can set your individual siren to chime along with the base station chime (and both have options for volume for low/med/high).  There is no feature to announce which door/window sensor or any other sensor is open or closed (except in Test Mode, which announces the named sensor, or, when you have a door or window open when you arm the system, the base will announce "sensor open" - but won't tell you which one - in that case, if you have SS3, look on your keypad display, it will have a caution icon or "!" at the top left of the display, press on it and it will tell you which sensor is open).
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