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Monday, July 20th, 2020 7:10 PM


Having Sensor Chime announce sensor name

HI Folks at SimpliSafe

New user and I was super excited to get your system as when I bought it I was told that the base station would chime and also announce which sensor was tripped (i.e. if someone opened the garage door). Unfortunately this isn't the case at there is just a chime that sounds when any sensor is tripped.

After playing around with the system I noticed that in "Test" mode the base station actually announces the sensor name (i.e. Garage Door) which is exactly what I was looking for. From a software perspective it appears you have the attributes available for sensor name, so is there anything on your Road map to have the normal operation utilize the sensor "name" with the chime?

I've seen many hits when I googled this so hoping you can shed some light on this as many folks are asking for it.

Thanks Very Much,

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can the base station announce which alarm is triggered?

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4 years ago

Simplisafe doesn't pay any attention to this forum and is very unlikely to ever answer your post.

You are right, this is a top request.  I'd like to see this too.  A lot.

Best you can do is call them and talk to them about it.  I'm not saying that they'll care or implement it, but it definitely won't get any attention here.
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