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Monday, February 5th, 2024 5:48 PM

SS Marketing Listens...

Years ago I was using my SS app to look at my sensor status during what turned out to be a self-inflicted false alarm.  To my dismay in the middle of using the app, a panel appeared asking if I liked the app!! Yes, I was not a happy camper and fired an email to SS explaining how stupid and aggravating it was to get a survey in the middle of an alarm event. Within 24 hours I received an email back stating it would be removed within the day and an apology.  I have not seen it since.

Move ahead to earlier today and I am at Home Depot picking up an online order at their locker kiosk. Works great, a fast process...yep, after I sign and the locker door opens I am subjected to a five (5) screen survey I can't get out of. I went in, asked for the manager, and then spent 10 minutes giving him very clear, definitive feedback on the survey on their kiosk screen and yes, I wanted a reply back. In my humble opinion, Marketing does not run a company nor should it be directly involved in operations. Period.

As I am sure Simplisafe is aware, if something goes off the rails or I don't like something, trust me, I will tell them.

The purpose of this post:  sincerely thank Simplisafe for listening.  It means a lot.

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