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Tuesday, February 9th, 2021 4:18 AM

Unexpected videos from Setup

I finished setting up the system this evening.  I noticed several notifications about motion detection with the camera that triggered a recording.  I would like to remove these recording but can't find a way.  Is this something SimpliSafe prohibits?  If so, can I control when the camera records anything?  I should be able to determine if and when videos are stored on your servers.  Otherwise the cameras are an invasion of privacy.  Please advise.  If I have to I will take the camera down.



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3 years ago

@mcapehart videos are not deleted by us customers and SS will have them deleted sometime after 30 days.  To stop the motion recordings, recommend you shut off the motion sensors on the cameras. They don't set off an alarm anyway and are very limited in coverage. I have separate motion sensors with each camera and they record only when armed. Works well.

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3 years ago

I get you wanting the ability to manage recordings but you chose to put cameras in your home. A lot of people have concerns about privacy in many forms; Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, your cell phone/smartphone, perhaps even your smart TV, smart applicances, your computers/the Internet, etc., may be spying on you. If privacy is a concern, it's really up to you to control your exposure to them and that really boils down to a decision to have such things or not.
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