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Thursday, November 3rd, 2022 8:39 PM


Snooze Notifications?

The SimpliSafe app for iPhone just updated and the notes say that it added a new feature: “Snooze notification action to motion push notifications”. However, I still don’t see how to use the new feature. This has been long awaited. How do you use it?

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Snooze Notification for Camera Motion

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2 years ago

Hi @ricky_stubbs2000 ,


The Snooze Notifications function is an upcoming feature that is currently in a limited rollout. It is not yet available for all users. We'll definitely keep you updated when it rolls out for everyone.


( @captain11 I know you're going to ask. The Android version is coming as well)

2 years ago

Oh… it’s just weird that when the update showed up in the apple App Store the notes said it was changed. Guess I’ll just keep waiting… for now ;)

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