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Sunday, August 6th, 2023 7:37 PM

Smart Alarm Indoor camera records at disarming and entry

I have a wireless Smart Alarm indoor camera whose PRIVACY SHUTTER is set to CLOSED, i.e., motion detection is set to OFF, for all three arming states, HOME, AWAY & OFF, of the security system. 

My intention was to prevent the camera from recording anything at all on its own.

But a strange thing happens. When I switch the system from HOME to OFF arming state in the morning, the camera shutter opens, and it starts recording (for about a minute). It also records when I return home and switch the system from AWAY to OFF arming state.

Is this an expected behavior? And, if so, is there any way to stop this from happening?

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1 year ago


This is the expected behavior. When you disarm your system, the Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Security Camera's Privacy Shutter will open, and the camera will record for a minute. This is a security measure so you have a recording of who disarmed your system. At this time, there is no way to stop this from happening. 

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You should provide the option to disable this feature.  It’s intrusive. 



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@DMITRA an option would be nice, however, there are many other items/features I would like SS to address. This, at least for me, can wait. Admittedly, I would leave the recordings on, as it is a good security feature as Davey mentinosl

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@captain11 No, I agree this is intrusive not to have the option to turn this off. Honestly was excited to get my cameras set up but now may remove them because of this feature. I understand disarming from away but disarming from home often is first thing in the morning when I or my wife are not dressed or in a state to be recorded. Most of my interactions with SimpliSafe have been great, however, it is concerning to see a representative of the company minimize the same concern from a different customer. 

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