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Monday, February 27th, 2023 1:46 AM

Outdoor Camera: Record All Motion Events, Notify only in Activity Zone

We have our outdoor camera outside our house in downtown DC - we use the activity zone feature to notify us only of people on our stoop and not every passer by. However, we would like to have a recorded event of each movement (like thieves stealing our catalytic converter last night 😤)

Presently, activating Activity Zone in the Detect Motion tab limits recorded events to the selected zone - however I think most users would prefer it only limit notifications. Or perhaps we could select a slider "record events only within activity zone" or "notify of only events within activity zone"

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3 months ago

Hi @andrewl, 

I'm so sorry to hear about your catalytic converter. I've escalated your case to our Support team; a Senior Specialist will reach out to you soon to make this right.

Thank you for this new feature suggestion. I'll forward it to our dev team.

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@emily_s​ I just got off the phone with Paul and he had this brilliant solution I didn't want to get lost in translation, so I mocked up a screenshot for the dev team:

This would allow you to click on the activity zone image multiple times to select whether that zone is recorded, spawns a notification, or both. in this instance blank zones would do not be activated at all, but could alternately use the existing hash mark graphic.


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