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Friday, March 18th, 2022 4:01 AM

Outdoor Camera: Motion Type

I had a question regarding the outdoor camera's "Motion Type". I understand there are two options; (1) Person-only detection, (2) All Motion. My question is, does the camera still record all motion, even when "Person-only detection" is enabled, and just not alert/notify you? Or does the camera not record at all when "Person Only" mode type is enabled (except for when detecting humans). I couldn't tell for sure from the information listed in support and from the keywords used. I thought somewhere it did say it recorded anyway (although this wasn't an official response), and I remember seeing an official Simplisafe employee mentioning on the forums that the outdoor camera always records. I just wanted to clarify this. It sounded like it was possible the official support page was referring to alerts/notifications only, not specifically recording.

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2 years ago

Hi Steelick,

No, if the camera doesn't detect a valid motion event (i.e. if People Only is set, then only people-shaped triggers would be 'valid'), then it will not send a recording at all.

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@davey_d​ That makes sense too. Thank you for that information and clarification!

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7 months ago

I do not have a setting for motion type for my outdoor camera, is there an update or something?

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@teamyz12​ All Outdoor Cameras have the option to choose between People Only and All Motion detection. In the SimpliSafe mobile app, if you navigate to the "Cameras" tab on the bottom of the screen > tap the gear icon in the upper right corner > select [your Outdoor Camera] > Motion Detection, do you see the option to toggle between People Only and All Motion?

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