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Monday, October 30th, 2023 3:03 PM

Outdoor Camera Hard Wire versus Battery

When I hard wire my simply safe outdoor camera do I insert the battery or leave it out?



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8 months ago

@lesugden59 Good question. Charge to full, insert battery and then connect the AC power cord. Then forget it. Also, performance continues to improve after each firmware and app update from wake up to live stream..and SS says it will get better.  I have two outdoor cams on AC and have been rock solid since install; again, with the cycle time from wakeup to live stream improving.

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8 months ago

Like captain said they are better and I have one on power cord and the other 4 or on solar and never have to worry and the driveway that has solar gets hits at least 50 times a day and never goes below 95%. Even with solar or power cord leave battery in.

How have you managed solar?

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