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Saturday, January 7th, 2023 1:54 PM

Indoor camera

My indoor camera is in my garage. It will go to live view, but will no longer alert me to motion.



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1 year ago

@LeShannon An unheated garage is not what the Simplicam was designed for and you can expect issues. I have successfully used entry and motion sensors but not the camera, but do know the motion sensor on the simplicam, 3 used inside, are very limited. Unless you walk directly in front of the camera, no more than 4-5 feed, it will not catch you. Suggest you try using a separate motion sensor, secret alert only, and see you it works for you.  Also, just as a FYI, I and others have successfully used entry sensors on our garage doors that work great.  Mounts are sold on Etsy and work very well.

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