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Monday, September 27th, 2021 6:23 PM

Doorbell Pro - Very Disappointed

I have had the Doorbell Pro for over a year.  Due to the location of my front door it is impossible to see who is at the door from any window in the house.  I assumed that the Doorbell Pro would solve that problem.  It does not.  The reason has to do with the chunkiness of the app software and probably the internal design of the doorbell.  When someone approaches the door I get a notification.  However, by the time I (1) pick up my phone, (2) open it with my fingerprint, (3) select the Simply Safe app (4) select Timeline (5) select "Camera Motion Detected", (6) wait for the video to load up, the person is gone, or at best, I see their back as they are leaving.

Why can't they make it so that when someone approaches, the video immediately pops up on the screen of my phone without me having to take any additional steps?  Currently the doorbell camera is useless in showing who is coming, only who has already gone.

BTW:  I have 200 MBS internet and a new Samsung Galaxy S-21 5G phone.

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3 years ago

See my previous post



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3 years ago

@hubsm do you have push alerts turned on? I do, and when someone rings my doorbell, I immediately get a push alert, press on it and the SS app automatically opens, use my thumbprint and then the doorbell pro camera opens up. While not immeidate it is plenty quick.   Ditto on the motion push alerts before they even get near the doorbell.
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