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Thursday, January 16th, 2020 11:54 PM

Doorbell Camera Disconnect issues

I have consistent front doorbell camera disconnect issues now for almost a year with this system. It is only the doorbell. I have replaced it twice.I have done everything from Simplisafe providing extenders to purchasing a full mesh system for my network.  The mesh system improved it a bit but the camera continues to just randomly disconnect itself for no reason.

I have two indoor cameras with no issues. and yes....the nearest satellite is less that 7 feet away from the doorbell cam so the distance should not be an issue. All on 2.4

Anyone else have these issues with the doorbell cam?

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5 years ago

A few people have reported their doorbell cam problems have been due to transformer for the doorbell system being too small to supply the necessary power for stable operation.

Do you have a multimeter to measure the voltage at the doorbell button?

Or, at least check the doorbell transformer size? There should be an Volt-Ampere (VA) rating on it. What is the number?

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5 years ago

Do you have metal siding?

2 months ago

I restarted my mesh router and the camera got disconnected. I have numerous internet connected devices and they all connect when it was restarted. Not the doorbell camera. And try through the app, the recommendation is to dismount the camera to access the reset button.

Which genius designed this camera? (Did you hire engineers from General Motors?) Why does it need a reset each time? (Third time as of now.) Is there any other way?

If I am on travel, and the internet goes down for a few minutes and comes back, camera won't reconnect automatically?

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@kannansrinivasan​ Once power and Wi-Fi have been restored, your SimpliSafe cameras should attempt to reconnect back to the network automatically. You shouldn't have the reset the Video Doorbell to get it to connect to your Wi-Fi network again, the camera should be doing that automatically. 

Do you have any other SimpliSafe cameras that exhibit this behavior? Or is it just the Video Doorbell Pro that experiences this issue?

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