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Wednesday, February 15th, 2023 9:21 PM

Camera Motion Detection

My camera doesn't react to any motion at all. It's in the same room as the base station and the wifi. I have moved it around, reinstalled it, etc. Never reacts to any movement, unless I'm actually moving the camera physically. Then, it records. Any other movement is basically ignored by the camera. I've had people steal from my porch right in front of this camera and it recorded NOTHING. A car crashed into the side of our house in sight of the camera; NOTHING. This is unacceptable for the amount I pay for this service. 

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1 year ago

Hi @ssithgoddess, 

I'm very sorry to hear about this. I saw your other post in a different thread, and have requested a call from our Support team. A Senior Specialist will reach out to you to make this right.

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16 days ago

What was the fix for this? I am having a similar problem.

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