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Saturday, May 13th, 2023 12:46 PM

App lost information

The app essentially lost my information and is making me set up my whole system from scratch.  My husband has the app as well and it is functioning normally.  I have no idea what the issue is or how to resolve it. 

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1 year ago

Hi @maykassem there's a couple of issues that might have occured. But since your husband is able to log in and see the correct info, it sounds like the account itself is just fine.

I would suggest logging off (under ☰ Menu > Log Out), then logging back in. That will re-authorize you to view the info on your account.

Though another thing that might have happened is that you may have set up your account under a different email address. You can check on your husband's app under ☰ Menu > Manage Account. You'll want to log in under that email address only to manage your system.

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hi davey,

I appreciate the input.  I used the same email address when I set up the account.  I have tried logging out and back in.  I cannot make sense of this, it acts like i have to set up the whole system from the start.  The app had been functioning normally prior to that so I am not sure if it is a glitch in the app or something happened when I updated my phone at some

point.  But it’s odd that my husband doesn’t have any issues with his app.  

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Hi @maykassem ,

To clarify, I think what could have happened is that you may have purchased your system under one email address, but activated the service under a different email address. So accounts under both emails exist, but your system and settings can only be accessed under the second email.

Since the account info is appearing on your husband's app, that means he's signed on with the correct email. So you should have a look on his app to make sure you're logging into your phone using the same email as he is.

Of course, our Support team at 800-548-9508 can also access both accounts and verify the info for you.

Had the same just happen to me and I've only used one email. There might be a glitch in the app or system. 

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8 months ago

Had the same just happen to me and I've only used one email. There might be a glitch in the app or system. 

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@raffertytrisha​ Do you get prompted to set up a new system when you log into both the mobile and web app, or just one of them? Either way, our Support team will be able to look into your account and confirm your email.

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