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Thursday, March 18th, 2021 4:06 AM

App down ? aka no devices, app blank

2 years ago

Is this on IOS? I'm having the same issue. Said I had motion detected which I figure was just my cats running around, but wanted to make sure, and the app had logged me out. After logging back in it's asking me to setup my system. I played along and scanned the QR code and it said "Base Station already active." I can't do anything on the app, but my dad's is working fine on his android so I suspect it's an IOS issue. I had free monitoring for a couple of months and I believe it ends this month, so I figured that probably messed it up, but seeing that someone else is having the same issue I think it's probably not that. It's even still giving me notifications of motion and when I arm or disarm the system, so I know it's still working, just the app isn't.
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