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Thursday, March 18th, 2021 4:06 AM

App down ? aka no devices, app blank

Got a notification just now that there was movement on one of my cameras, when I tapped to take a look, the app was blank, prompting me to "setup". When I log into the web app on my mobile device (which was a major pain in the a** btw), I could see my setup but of course am not able to view any video.

Is there a status page? Clearly whatever powers the mobile app is down. Any ideas if there is anything I can do on my end to get my config back?

If there are any SS product people monitoring these forums, your 2FA method on the phone is badly designed. Authing via a magic link is totally fine, being forced to find the window you were originally in is a total pain on mobile.


3 years ago

Is this on IOS? I'm having the same issue. Said I had motion detected which I figure was just my cats running around, but wanted to make sure, and the app had logged me out. After logging back in it's asking me to setup my system. I played along and scanned the QR code and it said "Base Station already active." I can't do anything on the app, but my dad's is working fine on his android so I suspect it's an IOS issue. I had free monitoring for a couple of months and I believe it ends this month, so I figured that probably messed it up, but seeing that someone else is having the same issue I think it's probably not that. It's even still giving me notifications of motion and when I arm or disarm the system, so I know it's still working, just the app isn't.
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