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Sunday, October 1st, 2023 6:59 PM

android tablet

why won't simplisafe app install on my wifi android tablet?

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7 months ago

Hi @annoutwest ,

As @captain11 says, the SimpliSafe app should be able to install on any Android device - provided that it fulfills the following criteria:

  • The Google Play Store is installed (so it's not able to install on Kindle devices by default)
  • You re logged into the US or UK Play Store
  • Your device is updated to Android 8 or higher

But he's also right, the SimpliSafe app is primarily designed as a phone app and currently has a portrait-only UX. The webapp experience is much better on larger screens.




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7 months ago

@annoutwest It runs on my Samsung Tab A but please note it is really the phone app, and IMO you are bettor off just using the SS website on a tablet.

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