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Thursday, August 12th, 2021 4:16 PM

System Arms with Doors Open

To all users I am not sure you are aware but when you activate your system it will arm itself even with doors and windows still open.
All the app tells you when you activate it that it has armed, not that windows ad doors are still open.
I don't know about you but would you want your system to arm itself with windows and doors still open.
I called SimpliSafe and they says that is how it works even though the 4-6 people I talked to at SimpliSafe all agree with me
that they would not want their system to arm itself if doors and windows are still open.

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3 years ago

Almost every system works this way.  If you arm from the keypad the base will warn you that a door is open.  The purpose of this is if you want to leave say your bedroom window open and arm the system before bed, the rest of your house is still protected.

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3 years ago

It is designed this way, as Jordan613 explains.   Yes, I would want it to arm with a door or window open.  I monitor my house and even with 2 kids running in and out, I monitor my doors and windows.  If something is open then I'll likely know about it.  Arming the system and being notified that there's a door open (from the base) is another way I can keep up with everything.  If you're arming from the app then I assume you aren't home, and if you have doors or windows open then you may have other issues to address.  If I left a window open and went to work, then needed to arm the system remotely with the app, then YES, I would most certainly want my alarm to arm.  I would much rather have it armed that way than not at all.  I'm not sure who you talked to at Simplisafe that agree with you, but this is how the system has operated for years.

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3 years ago

I would rather it arm with a window open than try to arm and have it fail.

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6 months ago

This is ridiculous. If you wanted to leave a door open, you should have to bypass it. I have left a door open and went to bed. The system you have a setting to let you know its open!!!!!

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2 days ago

I agree with everyone here.  The keypad should warn you that something is open and then give you the option to continue.  The app should then tell you which window or door was left open when it was armed.  I'm no longer using the keypad to arm my system.  

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