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Monday, September 26th, 2022 1:28 PM

Sensors Offline

Yep...on top of the monthly subscription BS just to have Amazon integration... I keep having sensors every couple of weeks, that are either offline or show open when that door is closed.

Worst part, when the system is armed & you are away...and then 1 or 2 sensors go offline. Then you're unprotected.You can't fix this shit remotely.

So bottom line...this system sucks. They have their cutesy commercial. But go check Consumer Reports and there is a ton of ONE STAR reviews. On top of that, their Customer Service equally sucks!

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1 year ago

Hi @CACarpenter,

The symptoms that you describe - sensors going offline or showing a persistent open - indicate a communication issue in the wireless communication between these sensors and your Base Station.

I see you mention that you've already been working with our Support team, and I'm sorry that they weren't able to help. Unfortunately yes, the issue is most likely caused by an environmental issue (e.g. interference), so the best way to troubleshoot is by working with the equipment in person. But I've gone ahead and requested an escalated call so we can finally get your system to 100%.

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@davey_d​ Any chance there will ever be a "base station extender", like a wi-fi extender?

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@davey_d​ I have the same problem. It is totally random how some sensors will go offline. Your response is always the same - interference. How can one of eight sensors in the same room 25 feet away from the base randomly go offline. A different one on a different day. The same ones that have worked without a problem for two years. Not to mention that sensors far away from the base and separated by multiple walls don’t go offline. I am ready to throw the whole thing away and start over with something new.

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Was this the same room that you and I were troubleshooting last week? I did say that it can be difficult to pin down the cause when troubleshooting interference. But whatever it is, there has to be something causing it.

Perhaps there's a device with a transmitter in that room that doesn't have the range to affect your other sensors, just the ones in this room. It would usually be a fairly simple device, like a ham radio, or a wireless weather station. Or it could be one of those smart switches, because I know there are a few models that operate on similar frequencies to SimpliSafe's sensors.

Since you've already tried a few things, like swapping around specific sensors, and trying different spots on the same windows, I'm assuming you've also  already tried moving the Base Station to a different spot as well? We might even want to try replacing the Base Station, just to rule that out.

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11 months ago

Two problems.

1. Motion sensor was working and it said low battery. I put new battery in but sensor is offline > do I need to reinstall mit.

2. I have two cameras that stopped connecting router. I have put extended routers in place but they still will not connect. I even did a reset but no luck.

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8 months ago

My water sensor says it's offline and the basement siren says error on my key pad. How do I fix these things?

SimpliSafe sells an extension cord for your outside camera to hock up to electricity.  I can't find a place  to plug the cord into the camera... Please help me out.

Mary Lou

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Hi @lovingkindness53​ thanks for all the details.

How far away from the Base Station are your Water Sensor and Basement Siren?

The extension cable will be plugged in right at the back of the unit. See the photo below and let me know if you have any other questions!

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