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Wednesday, August 26th, 2020 6:43 PM

Replacement Batteries and Motion Sensor Outdoors?

I'm trying for the first time to set up my system.  It's been in a box for over two years.

It seems to be dead.  Nothing lit on the Base Station.   Guess the batteries are dead.   Any particular type of AA battery required?   Will generic Duracell AA work ?

Can a motion sensor be place on a outside wall?   Somewhat sheltered, but I live in Billings.  It does get cold and snowy here.



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4 years ago

The system is shipped with the batteries active, so after two years, the AA batteries at least will likely be dead.  Any AA battery will work, although fresh name brand ones will tend to give you better service.

NOte that the base station uses RECHARGEABLE batteries, which probably have been discharged.  Plug in the adapter and let them charge for a while before assuming they are dead.  And if you do replace them, make sure to do it with rechargeable ones.  Putting in standard batteries may cause problems, including possibly a fire.

Of course a motion sensor CAN be placed on the outside, but should it?  Probably not, as it is not actually a motion sensor, but a change in heat sensor which requires a constant temperature in order to spot the change introduced by an intruder.  The odds that you will get reliable sensing outside is low, which means you could get lots of false alarms, and/or miss a real intruder.  They are designed and specced for INDOOR use only,  and attempting to use them outdoors will probably be more trouble  than it is worth.

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4 years ago

The system is NOT shipped with the batteries active. To power a device, you have to pull a tab on each device that keeps one side of the battery from touching the terminal. Once the tab is pulled, the device is powered up. If you're going to store your system simply remove the battery or put the tab back under one side of the battery

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The alkaline batteries all but certainly would be still OK as long as they were relatively fresh coming from SS and the insulators had not been removed.

However, the NiMH batteries in the base all but certainly will be totally dead due to self-discharge. Self-discharge occurs even with the batteries not connected, on the order of 10% per month. It could take several charge/discharge cycles for them to have a somewhat normal backup time after sitting dead so long. It's possible they may not take a proper charge after sitting flat for so long.

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4 years ago

Ah, you are correct; it's been so long I mixed up having the sensors defined to the system with the batteries being active.
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