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Saturday, July 31st, 2021 3:24 AM

Multiple pets

Hi all!
I have 3 pets. One is a 45lb dog, one is a 6lb dog, and one is a 12lb cat. Any advice on how to place the motion sensors so they don't trigger with these guys running around would be great. Thanks!



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3 years ago

@mholliday413 there are all kinds of suggestions already here in the forums and suggest you do some Google site searches

site: simplisafe.com/forum SS3 motion sensors pets

change the key words around, add cats, dogs etc.

Note that on the cat, if its a climber, you are going to have issues.  Remember, secret alert is your friend as you test your setup.  Also call SS for suggestions, and try the new help center.

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3 years ago

Hi mholliday413,

Yep, our Support team at 800-548-9508 can take you through a step-by-step on proper setup to accommodate your pets. But to get you started, here's some basics:

Our Motion Sensors are the passive infrared type, which just means they're looking for sources of heat moving around in a room. Ours happen to be calibrated to ignore smaller heat signatures, so individual pets on the ground shouldn't be a problem. But if they like to hang out together, are very active, or are able to get right up close to the sensor, they might appear larger.

The other thing is that the Motion Sensor has very specific angles - think of an invisible beam that projects left and right at a 45° angle (so 90° total horizontally), and also 45° down, but not up. It just projects straight out from the top.
What this means is that normally the sensor is not able to see above its own level. If you turn it upside-down, so that the button is on the bottom), it will no longer be able to see below its own level. You can then lower it to about 4.5ft, so it's still able to catch people that are walking by, just not any creatures below.
That is, of course, assuming that your pets aren't able to get up higher than the Motion Sensor. You probably want to consider what else is 'in view', like counter tops, shelves, and staircases, and point the sensor away from them.

- Johnny M.
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