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Saturday, January 29th, 2022 3:21 PM

Motion detector triggered when not even activated

This morning our base alarm went off at 5:55 am. I checked and saw that the front door was open (most likely it was left unlocked and the wind blew it open). I reviewed the logs and saw the following:

5:55 am - Entry Delay triggered (Front Door Entry Sensor)

5:55 am - Alarm Triggered (Front Door Entry Sensor)

5:56 am - Alarm Triggered (Motion Sensor)

5:56 am - Alarm Triggered (Front Door Entry Sensor)

Our system was set in Home mode and the way we have it set is that the Motion Sensor is only supposed to be triggered in Away mode.

Anyone have any thoughts why our Motion Sensor triggered even though it was not even activated since it was in Home mode, not Away? Does the Motion Sensor automatically turn on once an alarm is triggered? If so that would make sense because I walked by the motion sensor.

Overall, I am stumped!

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2 years ago

Hi wh84,


Apologies for the confusion. To clarify, when you disable a Motion Sensor, that means it will not be able to initiate an alarm event.


However, when an alarm event is already in progress, all Motion Sensors will activate, so you'll be able to tell if someone is actually at the location, or maybe even where they are in the home - rather than just a false alarm.

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We were not home  The alarm was set to Away

A few hours out and we get Simplisafe msg thst sensor triggered and back door entry

immediately called police, the back door was locked  no way anyone could come in and lock door on way out  

    What caused this?

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@szyb21​ Do you have any pets at your home? If a dog or cat was able to get too close to the Motion Sensor, it could cause a false alarm. If not, there are a few other factors that could cause the Motion Sensor to trigger a false alarm, like direct sunlight hitting it, or heating/AC vents that are directly in the sensor's field of vision.

It may help to adjust the placement of your Motion Sensor to ensure that none of these factors cause a false alarm again. We discuss preventing false alarms deeper in this Help Center article.

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8 months ago

I would think about getting the new smart alarm camera, it's kinda like the regular indoor simplicam but it has a built-in motion detection in it and during an alarm live agents can intervene. I have one in the living room and one in dining room and it pretty much can see everything but hallway and bedrooms but I have a motion sensor in all bedrooms but did away with them in the rest of home due to the new camera that has the motion built-in. So if someone breaks in and walks in the path of the camera it will ack like a motion sensor and set off the alarm, ypu of course can change how it acts In the app. I love the new live agent cameras. 

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@lance843​ both the SimpliCam Indoor Camera and Smart Alarm Indoor Camera have built-in motion detection. They both even feature the privacy shutter, to control when the camera is capable of recording.

But the Smart Alarm Indoor Camera is built on our newer camera platform, just like the Wireless Outdoor Camera. Which means it features intelligent motion detection that can filter for people only, and can operate on battery power so you have more freedom to install it anywhere in your home!

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