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Saturday, January 29th, 2022 3:21 PM

Motion detector triggered when not even activated

This morning our base alarm went off at 5:55 am. I checked and saw that the front door was open (most likely it was left unlocked and the wind blew it open). I reviewed the logs and saw the following:

5:55 am - Entry Delay triggered (Front Door Entry Sensor)

5:55 am - Alarm Triggered (Front Door Entry Sensor)

5:56 am - Alarm Triggered (Motion Sensor)

5:56 am - Alarm Triggered (Front Door Entry Sensor)

Our system was set in Home mode and the way we have it set is that the Motion Sensor is only supposed to be triggered in Away mode.

Anyone have any thoughts why our Motion Sensor triggered even though it was not even activated since it was in Home mode, not Away? Does the Motion Sensor automatically turn on once an alarm is triggered? If so that would make sense because I walked by the motion sensor.

Overall, I am stumped!

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2 years ago

Hi wh84,


Apologies for the confusion. To clarify, when you disable a Motion Sensor, that means it will not be able to initiate an alarm event.


However, when an alarm event is already in progress, all Motion Sensors will activate, so you'll be able to tell if someone is actually at the location, or maybe even where they are in the home - rather than just a false alarm.

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