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Wednesday, October 13th, 2021 8:39 PM

Entry Sensors Going Offline

Good afternoon. Since installing my system I have had plethora of issues. Three days in, the base station was resetting itself and wiping out all the settings. This resulted in SS sending me a new base station. This was than followed by an entry sensor continually going off line and only coming back online upon opening the entry and closing again. Than I had another do the same and this cycle has repeated itself. These sensors are installed against wood and or vinyl...no metal. They are all easily within 5-40 feet of the base station. I have gone through every troubleshooting procedure....removing the batteries, uninstalling, reinstalling, relocating on window frame etc. The issue continues to occur.....after speaking with SS again they suggested I move the Base Station to another location as far from any other electronics as possible, which I have now done and will await results. Anyone else had these issues?

They also suggested it was a wifi issue which makes no sense since the sensors work of 433 MHz and not 2.4Ghz. Its only the Base Station communication via wifi and cellular. All devices use the 400MHz band to communicate with the Base Station....

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3 years ago

Hi AB5265,

I agree that the Base Station replacement was a good call there, based on those symptoms. But this new Entry Sensor issue is happening after the replacement?

It sounds like you've already done a lot of the basic troubleshooting, and know your way around looking for sources of interference. In this case it sounds more likely to me that it's wireless interference specifically, and that the signal is coming through only some of the time. You're right, the sensors all use local radio to communicate, so the most likely culprits would be simpler devices that use the same frequency range - like remote controlled garage door openers, some older models of baby monitors, or wireless weather stations.

We probably don't want to discount physical interference entirely though. Are there any heavy appliances or dense walls in the way between those sensors and the Base Station?

And finally, it's very rare, but the sensors themselves might be the problem. If you haven't already, I would suggest swapping those trouble sensors out with other sensors that you know are currently working fine.
If the same sensors have trouble in the new spots, we'll know that we want to replace the sensors. If new sensors have trouble in the same spots, then it's likely an environmental issue.

- Johnny M.
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It's been sensors in different locations. I would agree highly unlikely it's the sensors themselves...maybe one or even two are bad but ...4 or 5 or more, would be very unlikely. I also agree it's likely to be some kind of interference. I have moved the base station to a central location that's nowhere within about 12 feet at least of any electronics. We will see how this goes over the next feels days and hopefully far longer than that.
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