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What are the Wi-Fi upload speed requirements?


Our recommended upload speeds vary based on the video resolution you set for the doorbell.

1080p - 2 mb/sec/camera
720p - 1.5 mb/sec/camera
480p - 1 mb/sec/camera

Please note that the speed requirements are on a per camera basis because if multiple cameras stream at the same time, then the speed requirements would sum together. During an alarm, for example, all cameras will record footage.

If you run a speed test, you may find that your phone's speed test results is faster than the camera's. This is because your phone's Wi-Fi chip allows the phone to be an all-purpose internet browsing tool. It is designed to receive and send enough data to support multiple internet activities simultaneously. Our camera's Wi-Fi chips are designed specifically for streaming, which at most requires 2 mbps for 1080p, and so do not have as high capacity as the phone's Wi-Fi chip.