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Smoke Detector LED Status Light Colors


The Smoke Detector has several light states that reflect the status of the device and change with the presence of smoke within your home. This guide will highlight the various indicators and their meanings. 

Red flashing light every 5–6 minutes and no sounds
Red flashing light every 10 seconds and no sounds
Normal after a test was conducted. Usual flashing behavior should resume after 5 minutes.
Red flashing light and shrieking sound
Smoke detected.Move to fresh air as soon as possible.
Yellow steady light and chirping every 1 minute
Tamper Switch Error. Remove the detector from the bracket and test the Tamper Switch by pressing it with your finger. Reattach the Detector. If the issue persists please contact support for help.
Yellow flashing light and chirping every 1 minute
Low battery. Remove the detector from the bracket. Press and hold the grey button under the words "DO NOT PAINT" and slide the front panel off. Replace the batteries. Replace the front panel and put the detector back on the bracket.
Yellow flashing light and chirping every 20–30 seconds
Malfunction. Please contact support for help troubleshooting the issue.
No lights and no sounds
Detector is not receiving power. Ensure the battery tab is pulled from the device and fresh batteries are inserted. If you continue to experience issues, please contact support for troubleshooting help.