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IMPORTANT: For systems purchased before 2020, you may lose connection to professional monitoring as of 12/31/22 if your Base Station 2G cellular module is not upgraded. Call us or check your SimpliSafe app Overview screen to see if your system is affected.

What is the warranty on my SimpliSafe Equipment?


SimpliSafe stands behind all of our products and services. As of Jan. 17, 2022, all products sold have a 1-year limited hardware warranty, which starts from the original order/purchase date, including SimpliSafe products bought through authorized retail partners. As an additional benefit, customers who sign up for our industry-leading 24/7 Interactive Professional Monitoring service before that 1 year warranty expires will receive a limited lifetime warranty on those products for the duration of your uninterrupted subscription. And customers who subscribe to the Standard Monitoring Plan or a Camera-Only plan before their original hardware warranty expires qualify for up to a 2-year extension on this hardware warranty—giving them a total of up to a 3-year warranty as long as their subscription remains uninterrupted during that time.

Loyal customers who purchased SimpliSafe systems before January 17, 2022 will continue with their original limited hardware warranty. To get the special limited time benefits mentioned above, contact us to upgrade to 24/7 Interactive Monitoring now!*

If you experience any issues with your SimpliSafe system, simply contact us and, if we are unable to resolve the issue, we will send you a replacement along with a prepaid return label to send back the defective equipment. For more information on our warranty policy, click here.

*See Terms and Conditions for more details.