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What does the signal strength next to my camera in the app indicate?


SimpliSafe® now indicates the WiFi signal strength in the App next to our latest generation of cameras, Smart Alarm Indoor Camera and Outdoor Camera, so that you can ensure that your camera will work when you need it most. This status represents the connection strength between your camera and your modem/router to proactively identify connection issues in order for you to troubleshoot as necessary.  

If you see a Fair or Poor status on the SimpliSafe® Mobile App next to your camera, we recommend running a Connection Check to identify the issue(s) that might be occurring between your network and camera. The Connection Check will test your camera’s connectivity, and provide you with a list of steps you can take to try and improve your signal strength.

To run a Connection Check:

  1. Tap on the Cameras tab

  2. Select the gear icon in the upper right corner

  3. Choose the camera you wish to test the signal of

  4. Click on Connection Check and follow the on-screen prompts to test your signal and upload speeds

See below for a brief overview of each of the different statuses:


Good indicates that your camera has a strong connection between itself and your network. 


A fair connection indicates that there may be a problem with your network connection, however, most cameras can still operate without many issues in this state.


A poor connection indicates there is an issue with the connection between your camera and network. We recommend addressing it so that you do not encounter issues with live streaming from your camera. 

Note: Our first generation of cameras, SimpliCam® Wired Indoor Camera and Video Doorbell Pro are not compatible with this feature.