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Real Time Information is Temporarily Unavailable


If you receive the "Real Time Information is Temporarily Unavailable" error message, SimpliSafe’s connection to our real time events is experiencing a delay. This issue will usually resolve itself after a few minutes. If you are still experiencing issues, try logging out and back into the app.

What this affects

If you receive this error message, you may temporarily be unable to view:

  • Real time status updates of your locks

  • Camera image previews

  • New timeline events appearing in real time

  • "Everything is OK" message on the dashboard page

What is Real Time Information?

This refers to events being immediately sent to your device. Pull down to refresh the dashboard, cameras, or timeline pages and, if any events have occurred or statuses have been updated since the last pull-down-to-refresh, you'll receive up-to-date items populated on the page. 

Am I still protected?

Don't worry, your system is still working! This has no impact on alarm monitoring, alarm response, camera recording, or arming/disarming you system. This temporary connection issue affects only device status updates viewable on the app—not how your devices and system are actually functioning. The issue usually resolves within a few minutes, but you can always try logging out and back in to the app.