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Saturday, February 19th, 2022 2:26 AM


Temporary Bypass Exit Delay for Home Mode

It would be useful to have a way to bypass the programmed exit delay in Home mode, perhaps by double tapping the Home button on the keypad. This would provide the ability to use Exit Delay as intended, providing time to leave the house while others remain, yet bypass the delay (and countdown beeps) from the keypad when not leaving the house. Double tap would also provide the alternative delay=0 functionality for opening a door prior to setting Home mode. 

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2 years ago

Hi klsandford,

That's an interesting idea. But you could just try the workaround:

  1. Set your Home Mode Exit Delay to 0 seconds - essentially arming immediately.
  2. When you're about to exit, open your door first, before hitting the Home button. You'll get a warning that a door is open, but it won't trigger an alarm. Then you can walk out and close the door behind you, and that one sensor will now be active.

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4 years ago

Would love to be able to choose to either arm the system in "away' mode using the mobile app either "immediately' or at a set countdown time.

Love the system.  Thanks.

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2 years ago

Hi Davey,

The work around is how it was done on the pre-gen3 systems since they didn't have the "home" exit delay option. Very familiar with that, and always felt it was a bit clumsy in comparison to other<tm> alarm systems I've been acquainted with.

Having a way to defeat the exit beeps on a case-by-case basis would be very useful. Even as a permanent setting to prevent the beeps in home mode so as to avoid "waking up mama and the babies" when dad leaves for work at zero-dark-thirty in the morning.

I'm currently working on setting up a HomeKit automation for these early morning departures via HomeBridge and plugins but it's not quite ready for prime time yet. :)


2 years ago

I agree - in my previous system you could set the exit delay for home mode to be silent, while the exit delay for away mode would beep, and it felt like exactly how things should work.  Great example: when you're securing your sleeping spouse at home on the way out the door too drop off your kids at school, and one of them forgot their gloves (or any other reason you'd need to pop back in for a second before the exit delay runs out)... with an active (silent) exit delay you can just pop back in and grab them without waking anyone up, but with the above workaround (which completely removes the delay instead of simply silencing it), you'll have the bedroom keypad beeping as soon as you re-open the door, since you've now triggered the entrance delay (plus of course you have to enter your pin, then re-arm).

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7 months ago

Coming from ADT I missed the "Quick Exit" feature, where if the system is armed in Home mode, I can push the quick exit button and open the door to leave without the alarm going off.  This is especially useful when I need to leave in the morning with people still sleeping in the house. 

Without that feature I have to disarm the system, due to the base station's voice and keypad beeps (which can be quite loud) can wake up people still sleeping.  Then after leaving I need to use the app to arm system in Home mode, which again can wake people up.  Having the Quick Exit button is just so convenient.  Please consider implementing this!

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@Thomas While a nice idea, there are many other things I would like to have SS work on first. In the interim, the key fob could do this for you. Yeah, not the same, but it is close.

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If I am reading original post correctly and if you have a keypad by the exit door, open door, set home, close door after exiting.  Also, you can turn down the volume of yhe voice prompts.



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Not what you want to hear but when I have to work on Saturdays and everyone else is sleeping I gonin app and turn off voice prompt and turn off alarm then turn voice prompt back on, not the same I know but it works.

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IMHO, the voice prompts can be useful but are unnecessary. The keypad should show you all the relevant information you need. Ideally, the system should consist of a hub with an Ethernet port in a shorter, flatter form factor that can be hidden more easily, and a separate siren, and keypad. 

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