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Camera Recording Behavior for the Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Security Camera


Camera recording for the Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Security Camera is directly tied to the system’s arming state by default. In other words, the camera will only record when the system is in AWAY when motion is detected. You can have the camera record in either OFF or HOME by changing your settings as follows:  

  1. Tap on the Cameras tab at the bottom of the SimpliSafe® App

  2. Choose the gear icon for Camera Settings in the upper right corner

  3. Select your Smart Alarm Indoor Camera

  4. Scroll down to Camera Behavior and choose your Arming State (OFF, HOME, or AWAY)

  5. Toggle Motion Detection On/Off depending on your preference

If the system is armed and a sensor is triggered, the Smart Alarm Indoor Camera will begin recording for the duration of the entry countdown (the countdown that occurs on the Keypad when an entry point is triggered before the system is disarmed). Once the system is disarmed, the camera will start a disarm recording where it will begin to record for a minimum of 10 seconds - however it stays active with the shutter remaining open for up to 1 minute. If motion is detected, the recording is extended up to 60 seconds.  

Recording availability and storage in the SimpliSafe® App will depend on your service plan.

How long can the camera record for?

Camera recording depends on what event has triggered a recording.


  • The camera will record for 10 seconds or continue to record if there is continued motion, for up to 1 minute.

Entry Countdown:

  • When the Base Station enters countdown from an armed state, the camera will record for 30 seconds or until the system is disarmed.  

System Disarmed:

  • Whenever your system is disarmed from Away mode, the camera will look for motion - up to 1 minute. Any motion in front of the camera will trigger a recording.


  • When an alarm is triggered, the camera will record for 3 minutes.


  • A user-initiated recording during a live stream will record for up to 1 minute, or until the user cancels.