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The Easy Setup Wizard Software Will Not Launch on my Computer


Does your Keypad look like the one pictured to the left? Then you're in the right place! You've got the Original SimpliSafe system. If you purchased a new system in 2018 or later, you likely have the Gen 3 SimpliSafe. If you're not certain which system you have, you can tell the difference here.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: With Adobe Flash discontinued, we are no longer able to update keychains as the remote’s software is no longer operational. However, the remote will still work to arm and disarm your system, as well as trigger the panic button. You can also contact customer support to upgrade to our new SimpliSafe system which does not require the use of the Keychain Remote USB.

If you are running Windows Vista or 7, you may need to run the SimpliSafe.exe application as an administrator. Simply right-click on the SimpliSafe.exe and select "Run as Administrator" then start the application.

If you are running Mac OS X Tiger or Leopard, the wizard will not start automatically. Instead, after you insert the Keychain Remote USB into your computer, the software will be mounted as a CD-ROM on your desktop. Start the SimpliSafe application on that CD-ROM. Note: in some cases you may need to close your browser (quit Safari or Firefox completely) before running the application.

Your firewall may be blocking SimpliSafe.exe. If you receive a warning from your firewall software when launching the wizard, please be sure to allow communication. In some rare cases, you may also need to edit your firewall settings manually to allow SimpliSafe.exe to communicate.