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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021 2:16 PM

Why can't I get the Doorbell in the UK?

This is a major hole in the simplisafe offering. Being able to replace my existing dumb doorbell with a Simplisafe one would be a big improvement, been waiting for years and still no sign! What's the holdup?

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2 years ago

Hi Bugbear,

Our current Video Doorbell Pro is designed to plug into an existing wired doorbell system - specifically the more common analog doorbells that are found across the United States. So you can imagine that the difference in electrical systems in the UK (that is, if you even have a wired doorbell system at all) would prevent the current model from working over there.

But we haven't forgotten about you across the pond. Our engineers are always hard at work on future solutions. If/when we have news, we'll make sure that you know!

- Johnny M.
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