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Wednesday, October 14th, 2020 11:32 PM

Thinking about getting Simplisafe? Read this first.

I have had two signifiant problems with my Simplisafe service in the last month.  The first which occurred 9/19 was a false alarm relating to a door entry.  When I received a call from their contractor COPS.  The call was disconnected instantly when I answered my iPhone.  I was able to call back and the police were recalled from responding to the alarm.

Last night a false alarm was triggered by a motion detector.  Once again I received a call from COPS and once again it was immediately disconnected upon my answering my iPhone.

These experiences are unacceptable to me as a loyal Simplisafe customer.

Additionally, last night I was transferred by the COPS contractor to your Account Services people because the blue light on the central controller wouldn't turn off and they didn't know what to do.  That was a meaningless referral because the offices were closed!

The fact that Simplisafe does not maintain technical support for customers 24/7 is inexplicable to me.  Do crooks only work 9-5?  Simplisafe must provide customers with coverage by personnel trained to solve problems 24/7.  With their expanding customer base, they can't afford to have their reputation damaged by failure to hire a couple of people to cover the quieter hours!

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3 years ago

Um, they do provide 24/7 monitoring, because that is normal and reasonable.  I'm pretty sure NO alarm company provides 24/7 TECHNICAL support, because it wouldn't be "a couple of people", it would be a whole bunch of additional people.  Keep in mind that they don't have 30 customers, but millions.

I think you'll find that SS provides technical support for a higher percentage of each day than most other alarm companies.
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