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Thursday, May 10th, 2018 1:41 PM

Simplisafe 3 and detached garage

My wife wants our detached garage to have a sensor on the door. I can't seem to find any info on the newest simplisafe system and using it on a detached garage. Will it reach? Garage is probably 50ft from back door (or less). Also, any issues with the sensor not working in the cold? We live in Minnesota, so often have days below 0 degrees. I would love to have the security protection extend to our garage, but don't want to order extra sensors if they won't work!

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Thanks for the great question. There are three factors we need to consider, to determine if an Entry Sensor will work in your detached garage.

First, the range of the sensor. The All New SimpliSafe sensors can transmit up to 800ft in an open field. So there should be no problem for the system to reach the garage. Of course, the distance that you're considering is between the Sensor and the Base Station, which may be a little further in your house.
Keep in mind that range can be decreased by interference - either from dense physical objects in between (wood and chipboard materials are no problem, but metal siding could be!), or other wireless devices transmitting in the area.

Next, we should consider the material that you're placing the Entry Sensor on. SimpliSafe's Entry Sensors work by detecting the smaller magnet piece. So if course, placing them on a material that can be magnetized (steel, iron) may affect how they function. The All New SimpliSafe's Entry Sensors fare a little better in this regard, but it's still best not to place them directly on top of such surfaces.

Finally, with regard to climate. Of course, the Entry Sensor should be placed indoors, away from the elements. They are not waterproof at all. They should be able to work fine in colder temperatures, though the battery may be impacted, and you may just need to replace them more often than the estimated 3-5 years.

Hope this helps!

Johnny M.
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@ leigh.charping.   Johnny M is a Simplisafe associate, so he has to follow the company bible. I am a customer, so I have a lot larger leeway.  That said, the following is my experience, so what I tell you may not be the same for your experience.

I live in the greater Chicagoland area. Okay, you win, (gladly) your weather in the winter is worse than mine, but not by much.  I have a SS3 sensor in my garage (which is attached) but the temperatures got to around 9 degrees at times. The performance of the motion sensor was great! No connection, no battery, no error, no false alarms.   I have it on secret alert for all modes (Off, on, away) and will continue to do so for another cycle of seasons butt it has been rock solid.  

Experimented with a motion in my mailbox, found distance and weather (40-50 yards from the house and again, no issues outside the mailbox but its metal, so was not practical. Now if I could only get a small wire antennae SS you could sell a mailbox monitor!

Great system; still some technical issues SS is working on but highly recommend.  I placed 17 SS2's and now on #3 for SS3.

Good luck with your decision.



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I live in a similar nasty winter climate, have entry sensors on steel exit doors, have an attached, insulated but not taped/textured garage, temps have fallen to minus 30-degrees here, no issues with door sensors at all*.  

I figure with having a new-built house with crap vinyl windows, window sensors working great, extreme cold weather conditions, your detached garage should be fine if you can keep the sensor protected from wind or extreme cold if you have leaks near the door etc.  Just make sure you test them properly and often, since the range between them and your base station might change on occasion (or might not, every situation is different).

* with an SS3 door sensor on one of my exit doors, I did and still do occasionally have an issue that it shows "open" when it is actually closed. That said, extensive testing, replacing with another one, replacing again, all show the same results, so I'm guessing it is because it is slimmer than SS2 and placement is more difficult for complete accuracy.  It tests fine, it works under real alarms (which I test frequently), and I ignore the "warning icon" on my keypad - I'm near positive it is only a placement glitch.  Don't let my example deter you from trying because my SS2 sensors worked perfectly on the same door, therefore, SS3 placement is very easy to fiddle with if necessary.
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