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Tuesday, March 14th, 2023 1:45 PM

Sensor range

​What is the effective range of the system. Is it determined by distance from base to sensors or do the sensors mesh together to extend the range.  I have outbuildings, hence the question.​

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19 days ago

Hi @mike_f85901, 

The range of the system is determined by the distance between your Base Station and sensors. SimpliSafe's sensors have a range of 800ft over open air (so if it was placed outside with nothing in the way.) In a home, physical and wireless factors may decrease the range a bit, but your Base Station should have no trouble communicating with sensors about 400 ft away.

Depending on where your Base Station will be located, you should still have no trouble covering your separate buildings. You'll just want to be aware of what types of material the signal would be passing through. For example, if the building has brick walls or metal siding, the signal might have a bit of trouble.

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