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Friday, March 18th, 2022 4:23 PM

Sensor battery life

I like what I see with SS. We are snowbirds and are thinking of installing a SS system.  We do not want to hard wire, as that's a significant expense.  My question is a simple one -- How long will (on average) the batteries in the sensors, both inside and outside, last?

Thank you!

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2 years ago

@oldpsulefty Please see the following link below for the various devices (this is for the new/most recent Simplisafe 3 system):


These do last a long time for my years of experience using various systems and for multiple users/tenants.



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2 years ago

I have had simplisafe for about 8 years and have only replaced the keypads, and one entry sensor as thats the one thats gets used most, keypads will be the number one thing to replace in my opinion 

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@lance843​ I agree. The link I added originally above is fairly accurate, but I've had entry sensors and seen ones at least as long as what you mentioned, as well. However, the keypads will probably need replaced once a year, even if used a lot.


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2 years ago

Why do posts say private near top right?

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1 year ago

Just received a new system to replace old. Set up fine. My question is how do you get the back off these to scerew in or change batteries.

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