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Wednesday, October 14th, 2020 9:47 PM

How many sensors do I need for these windows?

I have bay windows that have 4 seperate windows that crank out. Do I need 4 sensors per window?



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3 years ago

Depends.  Is every one of the 4 windows big enough to allow someone entry?  Are the edges of any two windows less than 2" apart so you could put the sensor on one and the magnet on the other?  Are you handy enough to modify an entry sensor to take a wired input and put wired magnet switches on the 4 windows in one loop?

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3 years ago

Definitely not handy enough to rewire them. I'm not in the house yet but the pics I have look like they are less than 2 inches apart. I guess Ill just wait until
the starter package arrives and then order more. Thank you.
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