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Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020 5:57 PM

entry sensors

can an entry sensor work on metal



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3 years ago

@Eric.Vasquez.Sykes, I have three basement windows that are all protected by an entry sensor (and a motion sensor). All windows are steel framed within a steel opening. No issues.

Since I hope SS is reading this post (extremely doubt it but what the heck), still looking for the feature to have a sensor active to alarm when the system is off. Why? Those 3 basement windows have not been open in 33 years.  (Another zone would work too, but think the first request would be easier to implement.)

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3 years ago

ALARMS IN OFF MODE CONFUSING:  OFF means no alarms to most users and many would get upset if it set off an alarm in the OFF mode.  With a motion sensor armed in the basement it sounds as if you intend to change an alarm setting from "OFF" with alarms" to "OFF without alarms" before anyone goes to the basement.   I.E. treat it like a totally independent alarm system that must be disarmed before entering.  

Perhaps Simplisafe could change their setup to have an additional mode between OFF (no alarms) and AWAY.  Sort of like  HOME 1 and HOME 2.  Then  HOME 1 could be set up to alarm the basement only, and HOME 2 could include the whole house at night.  That would probably fit their present dashboard setup better than having separate zones with each zone having individual OFF, HOME (Motion Sensors off), and AWAY modes.

With the present system there may be one option to consider, even though it is not what you wanted:  If you are OK with being notified via text message or email when the basement windows are opened or motion detector is triggered, you could set those entry sensors and motion detector to "Secret Alert" for the OFF position.   That way they would never be totally off.  Just will not set off a loud audible alarm or automatically call the police for whoever is home. (They are fully alarmed in the AWAY mode when no-one is home.)  Perhaps in the future with a little extra equipment you could use something like IFFT which could set off a separate audible alarm for the basement whenever there is a secret alert notification sent to a specific phone number.
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