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Friday, June 26th, 2020 3:29 AM

Considering SimpliSafe? Read this post prior to purchasing.

I purchased the system 6 months ago and it worked well. However, one day when set on away mode system lost power and stopped working. Called SimpliSafe and they told me it's due to poor signal and TMobile outage in my area. Simpli Safe customer service assured me once T Mobile is up and running , my system will automatically restart.

One week passed and still no service. Called TMobile and they stated they had one day of national outage issue but it's resolved and there are no issues with signal strength in my zip code. Called Simpli Safe and they stated I was given wrong information by their customer service rep. In fact SimpliSafe customer service informed me they stopped working with TMobile and that's why my service was cut off. I reminded them I'm current with my payments and that they should have proactively advised customers on action steps in order for service to be uninterrupted.
Simpli Safe customer service stated they will be sending me a new module I need to install in order for the system to restart. However, I was already out of town and my home without security system coverage during riots and unrests in the city of Chicago.

If you are thinking of getting SimpliSafe, do not as it depends on WiFi only and service is frequently interrupted like in this case.
I'm calling SimpliSafe to get a refund and cancel service so that I can sign up with ADT. I'm currently on hold for 48 min, they want you to get frustrated and hang up so that you can keep their lousy system.

SimpliSafe customer support is shit, nobody knows what they are doing and do not put notes in customers' profile . This is why when you call again there is no previous record of you calling before.

Remember, you get what you pay for, with SimpliSafe service is cut off when you need it most even though you are current with your payments.
Super disappointed and will sue them if my home is burglarized during this outage.

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3 years ago

@ natashalosik6 two items: first, recommend you go with anyone other than ADT, based on my experience. Second, save your money suing SS. Read the Terms of Service, which is about the same for all security companies.

Finally, you may want to ask SS to send you a Verizon SIM to replace the Tmobile SIM

Whatever you decide to do, best of luck.
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